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Who we are?

TURAS Construction Company was originally founded under the name “Meka Yapi” in 1996 in Istanbul and Antalya, TURKEY. At first years of its founding, engaged its activity substantially in construction of industrial projects, and subsequently along with this started to work at construction of domestic houses, precast concrete structures, at construction of infrastructures & other important objects in the construction sector.

Working in many important construction projects within the country, company from 2006 started to participate & offer their services also in international construction projects. The company having well-developed structures, skilled & dynamic personnel, made it a rule to provide service in accordance with established engineering standards, always developing itself by acquired professional experience within the country, it/the company made it an aim to use its achievements in its projects also abroad.

TURAS Construction Company which is already 18 years engaged its activity in construction sector, till now no one time had any substantial disagreements with their clients in their contract works & not changing its principles such as honesty, legibility& modernity made it an aim to become one of the respectable & trustworthy company in the construction sector.

General Manager Mehmet Koray AKALIN