the success of your project...


TURAS Construction is committed to setting the highest standards for guidelines, services and performance in the construction industry. We understand that this can only be achived by bringing together a team of dedicated construction professionals and uniquely talanted craftsman with "one" common goal; "the success of your project".

Our record of performance based through effective leadership and attention to detail, TURAS Construction can ensure the success of our clients’ objectives. Our project managers and superintendents are given the systems, tools and support needed to empower them to produce higher quality, timely and more cost-efficient results.

The most important goal of projectt management is simply to return value to the project through accelerated constnuction and innovative planning. The following outines the basic services provided during the construction phase of the project.


1. Setting Project Goals
2. Scheduling and Monitoring the Project
3. Information and Documentation — Keeping you informed and Up to date
4. Establishing and Monitoring Quality
5. Establishing Safety Protocols
6. Job Cost and Accounting
7. Project Close-Out and Warranty